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Becca’s Belly Busters

19 Aug

Last night was…you guessed it…Girls Night In! Its been awhile since we’ve had a GNI, and I was so excited to kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy the “cooler” weather we’ve been having.  After work I headed over to my friend Alison’s house, and the lovely hostess had some wine ready — just in time!

The other day I cornered Chef Becca and I convinced her to do a recipe tutorial for the blog! She graciously obliged to my begging; and on the menu for the night was….(drumroll please)..Beef Enchiladas a.k.a. Becca’s Belly Busters.  Or if  you ask my sister, they are “cheesy roll-up thingys.”  Becca’s Mexican food is a staple on Girls Night – its something I always look forward to!  Even though the recipe is easy peesy (and cheesy, ha!), until now i’ve never known how to make enchiladas.

Here’s what she did:

1lb ground beef

1 can Rotel (diced tomatoes and green chili peppers)

1 packet taco seasoning

1 bag shredded cheese

1 can red enchilada sauce

1 pkg Large Tortillas

1.  Pre-heat the oven to 375

2. Brown the ground beef and drain well

3.  In a bowl: mix beef, taco seasoning and Rotel (un-drained)

4.  In a casserole dish: pour a small amount of enchilada sauce to lightly coat the bottom of the dish

5.  Spread the beef mixture on the tortillas and sprinkle with cheese

A generous sprinkle

6.  Wrap up (burrito style) and place in the casserole dish

7. After preparing enough to fill your casserole dish, pour the remaining enchilada sauce over the rolls and top with cheese (Becca makes ours extra cheesy)

8.  Bake for 15-20 minutes.  Cheese should be completely melted.

Voila!  It’s called “Amazing in your mouth!”

For those of you that don’t know, Chef Becca moonlights as a bartender.  See? She made us dessert!

Ay Ay! Tequila!

Two nights in a row I have stuffed my face, looks like the gym will be seeing me this weekend after all!!


Great Night To Celebrate

26 Jul

When I think Monday I normally go straight to “ugh, back to the real world.”  This particular Monday, however, was one I have really been looking forward to!  Despite all the crazy things that have been happening lately, I have found excitement in some small things.

After work I skipped the gym and went straight home to knock a few things off of my to-do lists (yes that’s plural) and get ready for this evening.

When Jake made it home from work we quickly changed and drove a few minutes down the road to the home of our new landlord. We have sealed the deal, folks! The lease is signed! I can now breathe in, breathe out and retrieve my sanity.

Is this even normal?

As soon as we finished up with the lease, we rushed over to one of our favorite little sushi restaurants to celebrate.  Our celebrations were not limited to our new home though; we were joined by our favorite couple: Amber and Joe Ben!

JB embarassing Amber...again.

Amber and I have known each other for a few years now, and is one of my best friends.  She and Joe Ben also had some celebrations in order: Amber’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the one person who will answer the phone in the middle of the night when I have something stupid to say 🙂  We have spent our birthdays together for the last few years and I have to say that this has definitely been the most tame (except for some Sake).

Apple Infused Sake = Amazing

The restaurant where we dined, SakiTumi, is actually a place I worked while in college.  In my opinion they have some of the best sushi in town, and I surely wasn’t going to turn down an invitation to stuff my face enjoy some time with Amber and JB.

On Mondays, SakiTumi has an awesome special – 2 for $28.  Jake and I definitely took advantage of that!  The deal includes an adult beverage, an appetizer, and an entree per person.

Jake enjoyed a draft Sapporo, while I sipped on a light and refreshing glass of Pinot Grigio.  My appetizer choice was the Miso Soup, which I loved.

Fire Island Roll

And oh. my. goodness. My favorite sushi roll in the whole world was my entree of choice.  The Fire Island Roll.  Shrimp tempura with avocado, rolled in soy paper and topped with spicy tuna tartar and crispy tempura flakes. Delish!  Jake and I shared a few pieces of Butterfish  too (also amazing).

Post Sushi Attack

I guess Amber liked her sushi roll too!

And if you thought our indulgent meal wasn’t enough, Amber directed us to one of the best little dessert spots in the city.  Nonnah’s is only a few blocks away from SakiTumi and has the most delectable and coma-inducing desserts I have ever had.

Jake's slice of Heaven

Mr. Jake chose the “Chocolate Temptation”.  A rich chocolate cake with Godiva liquor, layered with vanilla cream filling, finished with chocolate ganach.

My Sinful Delight

I, however, chose the Turtle Cheesecake.  A pecan-filled cheesecake topped with chocolate, caramel and even more crunchy pecans.  The cheesecake was so wonderfully airy and though I’ve never tried nuts in a cheesecake before – I’m in love.

Phew, now I’m super Fat and Happy and I seriously cannot complain.  What a productive, fun, relieving kinda Monday!

Kinda Mango Salsa

25 Jun

Okay, okay, we have one more recipe post.  Do you remember that Corn Salad I made earlier this week after Mr. Jake brought home all that fresh white corn?  Well, true to my word, I used the rest to make a Mango Salsa for the Bachelorette Party tonight!  I guess it is only “kinda” Mango Salsa, since there is only a little bit of mango – but i’m gonna go with it.  Since the theme for the party is fiesta, I thought this would be a perfect (and healthy) contribution. 

Here’s what I did:

3 Ears fresh white corn

1 Large red pepper

1 Large green pepper

1/2 a sweet onion (left over from the corn salad)

1 Can black beans

1 Medium size mango

1 Large tomato (with the insides scooped out)

1/8 cup vegetable oil

1/8 cup white vinegar

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp chili powder

1 tsp salt

Lime Juice

1. Boil corn for 10 minutes and cut kernels off when finished.  (sidenote:  I have made this recipe with a bag of frozen corn the night before I needed it.  I just poured the frozen corn in the bowl and let it defrost on its own)

2.  Chop onion, peppers, tomato and mango and add to bowl with corn.  Drain and rinse the black beans before adding to the mix (I always pat down the beans before putting them in too, the salsa is not supposed to be soggy).

3.  Add cumin, chili powder, salt, oil and vinegar.  Mix everything and distribute evenly. Add a few squirts of lime juice into the bowl before serving.


Sugar Coma Heaven

25 Jun

I have been busy-busy all day today! As usual, I put off most of my errands until the last minute, so have been on the move until just now.  Tonight is expected to be another fun and exciting night! We will be celebrating Jake’s cousin, Sophie, at her Bachelorette party.  Jake’s two sister’s have planned a fun fiesta-style party to help Sophie begin to celebrate her upcoming wedding and the following honeymoon in Cancun.  Arriba! This girl is ready to hit the town.

For tonights event, I received a request from the bride-to-be for my sinfully delicious cake-bites.  I made these little nuggets of heaven for one of Sophie’s bridal showers, and of course now she is addicted.  My cake bites are a revised version of other delicious treats like “cake-pops”, or “cake balls”.  There are a lot of recipes for these out on the web, but I had to do a little tweaking to get them just right.  This dessert is pretty time consuming, and since i’m short on time, I distributed the work over a few days.

Here’s what I did:

1 cake, baked (I used a vanilla boxed mix)

1/2 can cream cheese frosting

2 bags of melting chips – 1 chocolate, 1 vanilla (found at Hobby Lobby)

variety of colored sugar sprinkles.

Two Nights Before:  Bake your cake.  Let cool and keep in pan (covered) overnight.  It is really important that the cake is completely cool, or the consistency will feel more like play-dough than a treat.

The Night Before: Smash up the baked cake and transfer into a giant bowl.  Add the 1/2 can of cream cheese frosting to the bowl.  Using a mixer, blend the icing into the cake until the consistency is close to a dough.  Wrap the cake-dough in plastic wrap and let cool overnight.

The Morning Of:  Remove dough from the fridge and roll into one-inch balls. (sidenote: I would love to make these suckers bite-size, but I’m a lazy son of a gun at 8am on a Saturday, so I settled for big ones – teehee) The dough I made gave me about 40 bites total. Freeze for one hour.

The Afternoon Of:  Follow the directions on the package of the melting chips and make sure the result is a nice smooth mixture.  I started with the White Chocolate and moved onto the Milk Chocolate later.  Using a toothpick, drag the bites one at a time through the chocolate.  Set (carefully – these things are slippery) each dipped bite on a tray and allow to dry.  Once dried, dip one side of the bite into a little more chocolate, and then into a bowl of sprinkles and repeat.

These not only look fun, but taste amazing.  Beware: a sugar coma awaits you!