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Chocolate Heaven

18 Aug

Birthday season is flying right on by!  Yesterday evening we spent some time with Jake’s family to celebrate his mom’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Miss Julie!

For dinner, Jake’s younger sister Becca marinated a mouth-watering Pork Tenderloin; it was grilled to perfection!

Jake’s dad threw some vegges on the grill that were delectable.  We also had one of my most favorite foods, cosume rice! It was so creamy that it resembled mac and cheese.  The food was great, but I still saved some room for my favorite part of every meal – dessert!

Becca picked out a peanut butter cup triple chocolate ice cream cake. Chocolate Heaven is no exaggeration.  I ate my piece, and even stole a bit (or two) of Jake’s.


We spent some time chatting away and looking at pictures taken so far this year. (sorry for the blurry photo below..I couldn’t keep a steady hand!)

Mr. Jake and his Mama

Eventually we headed home stuffed like turkeys and wanting nothing more than to hit the hay.  That is, until I saw this pathetic little face staring at me when I walked in the door!


Oh Please!


Frozen Dog Treats

16 Aug

Thank goodness gracious that this heat is starting to slow down because, phew, i’m so done with it;  and as a matter of fact i’m 100% sure the dogs are done with it too! Brock and Sully usually love being outside and playing around – but not lately.  What was the run? 2 weeks? Two freaking weeks of temperatures over 100 degrees, what are we coming to people!?

I’ve been downing smoothies and frozen yogurt like its my job (this heat is the perfect excuse).  I have even stooped to taking a cold shower on the weekends just to cool off.  My poor little pups have had to grin and bear it.

Jake figured out that they love it when you fill their water bowl outside with ice cubes.  They go crazy and try to catch the ice like they are bobbing for apples.  Seeing them do this reminded me of the Puppy Party we had for Brock at a local pet shop earlier this year.  All of the canines were served “Doggy Ice Cream”, and they loved it so much that the owner was kind enough to give me her recipe!

It’s simple really, kind of reminds me of the way I make my dog biscuits (just throw in what you’ve got).

Here’s what I did:

1 large sweet potato

1/2 cup water

1 cup plain non-fat yogurt (use less if your dog has a weak stomach)

1 small banana

1. Peel and chop the sweet potato into large chunks.  Boil the sweet potatoes for 10 minutes or until soft

Bubble and Boil!

2. Combine the boiled sweet potatoes and 1/2 cup of water in a blender (or food processor) and mix until smooth.  It should look like baby food at this point.

Baby Food Mush

3. Add yogurt and banana split into chunks.  Hit that magical “liquefy” button and viola!

Mmmm..Looks Like Dessert

I poured my mix into silicone ice trays left over from the Fourth of July and stuck them with straws before freezing.  This will make it easier to pull the treats out of the tray.

Two Hours, and We're Ready to Go!

After about 2 hours I let the pups try the frozen treats with every intention of snapping some cute pics.  Yeah, that didn’t work out so well – Sully took hers in one bite and Brock grabbed his and ran.  This is all that was left:

Little Brats!

After a little research online, I noticed that some people add peanut butter or beef bouillon. Brock and Sully would go freaking nuts for that!

I’m Back, Baby!

16 Aug

Wahhhh! I’ve been gone for S-O long! So much has happened in the last few weeks that I have had almost no time to blog. Today is the first, yes first, afternoon that has left me with nothing to around 5pm.  After all the craziness, it feels great to be back to a schedule and have a sense of organization.

You’ve really missed out on a lot, my friends!  Here’s a quick re-cap to keep you up to date on my goings-on:

  • We moved! Yessir! Since signing the lease on our most favorite home to-date, we’ve packed up and cleared out.  We’ve already gotten all of our important items unpacked and have only one room full of “junk” (i’m saving it for a rainy day).  It is so relieving to come home to an open, clean and comfortable home.
  • Heather hosted girls night to celebrate Becca’s birthday!  I won’t reveal her age; she might sock-one-to-me if I do.  We enjoyed a delish Italian meal made by Ms. Patterson, and a heavenly cake made by our lovely friend Hannah
  • We celebrated my birthday! Yes, this old girl is now 23.  Let me know when I can pick up my walker 🙂

    Me and Mr. Jake

    We had a great night at Brew at the Zoo, an incredibly fun Beer Festival hosted by Riverbanks Zoo. Despite the fact that the Heavens opened on us, we had a great time touring the zoo with our 2-ounce sample glasses.  My favorite, by far, was the ACE Pear Cider made by The California Cider Company.

    Heaven in a Bottle

    It was bubbly, and light, and oh so refreshing.  Although it is a Pear flavored cider, it had a hint of banana – which I loved!

    The Ladies I Love!

  • Slightly less interesting than the above three, however so important to Jake and I – Brock became a crate-dog.  Jake was really resistant to it, but as a condition of our lease, we needed to at least HAVE  crate for him in the house.  Baby Brock ended up crawling into his crate while no-one was even paying attention. Ahhh…I can just feel the anxiety rolling off my shoulders!

    I want to lick your face!

I have some really fun posts planned for the next few days, so keep your eyes open!

And the Fun Rolls On..

11 Jul

I have obviously been completely MIA for two weeks..Whoops!  Remember a few weeks ago when I said that my life is going to be totally insane? I meant it!  Lets do a little rundown on all the things I have left you out of (sorry):

  • Happy Birthday to: My beautiful mama, my wonderful Nay (grandmother), and Jake’s dad, Mr. John

    Momma with her Girls

  • Making the big decision to give our landlord our notice and blow this popsicle stand!
  • Celebrating the two year anniversary of Brock’s arrival in our lives (we got him June 28, 2009)


  • Sophie and Vladdy’s wedding weekend extravaganza: aka the craziest two days of my life!
  • The unbearable heat that South Carolina has imposed on us.  I am seriously living in the Devil’s Armpit (105 at noon today!)

More tomorrow, I swear!



Coping With Double Trouble

22 Jun

Since the addition of our puppy (Sully) last year, I have gotten a lot of questions about how I “cope” with multiple dogs in the house.  Usually I feel so put on the spot at that moment that I end up rambling until i’m out of breath.  I am the first one to admit that I am no authority on training dogs, but after dealing with these two – I feel like i’ve learned a heck of a lot.  The truth is that there is a method to my madness:

  • Start Them Young.  Both of our dogs were adopted as puppies so we had the advantage of training them the way that works best for us.  The moment they scooted through the door, their training started.  We both worked with our pups daily to instill good behavior (still working on that).
  • Maintain a Routine. While researching the best method of dog-training, I started to see a lot of mention about “consistency”.  From what I know, dogs are creatures of habit, and thrive on routine.  This was perfect for me since I love having a routine too.  Jake and I still work  to maintain a routine for their meal time and play time, its really a work in progress. 
  • Work as a Team.  Deciding to adopt a second dog was a big decision for Jake and I, and we both agreed that it was something we could handle since we live together.  As with anything in life, we tackle our wild-ones as a team.  There is no way I could have two dogs on my own – more power to ya if you can!  I’m not going to lie – having two dogs is a lot harder than just one.
  • Crate or not to crate? Let me make this clear, we do not crate both of our dogs.  Sully is crated, Brock is not.  Crating is not right for every dog.  Sully l-o-v-e-s her crate; I was very lucky that it only took a few days for her to get used to it.  This is crucial for my peace of mind.  I love that I can leave Sully at home and all of my possessions will still be intact when I return!
  • Know Your Limits. We have trained our dogs to know the basics.  No bed, no couch, no kitchen.  Brock and Sully wrestle.  Yes, I said wrestle, in our backyard.  By the end of the day they are filthy and there is NO way i’m sharing my furniture with them.  It is really hard not snug on up with them on a rainy afternoon, but I don’t have enough patience to clean constantly.

    Bad Dogs!

I should probably mention that I have a slight obsession with these two.  I know it is so cliche to say they are like my kids – but they are.  Sometimes Jake has to remind me that the are animals, not children.  I even go as far as to make homemade dog treats (Hey, it’s cheaper and healthier that way!).  That recipe may be coming up in the near future!