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This house is Project City!

17 Aug

Part of the reason I have not been posting lately is the fact that I have been completing project after project, after project.  Not work assignments (although work is as busy as ever), but fun household projects.  Jake and I are not in the position to start replacing expensive essential items, so we have resorted to “renewing” the old ones!

When we moved we did some inventory of our belongings and got rid of things that take up too much space, or things we simply do not need.  We held on to things that we couldn’t live with out, or things we knew we could up-cycle.

My first project was one that I have been meaning to do for awhile now.  Jake’s mom gave us some blue storage jars that she got a great deal on, and we ended up using them to store utensils in the kitchen (remember the seventeen spoons?).  Unfortunately, they became a bit of an eyesore seeing as they did not match with anything else in the kitchen.  Rather than spending more money on new stainless steel canisters, I decided to paint these as close to S. S. as possible.


I took my creative self to the hardware store and ended up finding a can of textured spray paint.

I got "Hammered"

The color is actually similar to our stainless steel appliances, and dries in a “hammered” texture.  They turned out great!  I got a little paint happy and also covered our Olive Oil container to match!

My next project was not an “up-do”, but rather a decorative project that saved us some moolah.  A lot of our artwork could be considered hand-me-downs (aka Jake’s man-art).  While most of it is “cool”, none of it really matches with the look we’re going for.  We really needed something fun to hang above the couch, and it seems that everything I like is $$$.  Then, like a ray of sunshine, I found this pattern online.  It seemed pretty easy, so I gave it a shot!


(Photo courtesy of

I purchased a large canvas at a nearby craft store and measured out my pattern with painters tape.  Then, I covered the whole thing in two coats of green paint and waited for it to dry.  I was a little disappointed when I pulled off the tape only to find that the paint had bled through :(.

Jaggedy Lines 😦

Once I removed all of it, the bleeding actually looked kind of cool — so I went with it.  I may just be in denial, but I kind of like that it’s imperfect.

My next projects will be focused toward the outside areas of our house.  I have two tables that are in need of some TLC!


Double Yek


I’m Back, Baby!

16 Aug

Wahhhh! I’ve been gone for S-O long! So much has happened in the last few weeks that I have had almost no time to blog. Today is the first, yes first, afternoon that has left me with nothing to around 5pm.  After all the craziness, it feels great to be back to a schedule and have a sense of organization.

You’ve really missed out on a lot, my friends!  Here’s a quick re-cap to keep you up to date on my goings-on:

  • We moved! Yessir! Since signing the lease on our most favorite home to-date, we’ve packed up and cleared out.  We’ve already gotten all of our important items unpacked and have only one room full of “junk” (i’m saving it for a rainy day).  It is so relieving to come home to an open, clean and comfortable home.
  • Heather hosted girls night to celebrate Becca’s birthday!  I won’t reveal her age; she might sock-one-to-me if I do.  We enjoyed a delish Italian meal made by Ms. Patterson, and a heavenly cake made by our lovely friend Hannah
  • We celebrated my birthday! Yes, this old girl is now 23.  Let me know when I can pick up my walker 🙂

    Me and Mr. Jake

    We had a great night at Brew at the Zoo, an incredibly fun Beer Festival hosted by Riverbanks Zoo. Despite the fact that the Heavens opened on us, we had a great time touring the zoo with our 2-ounce sample glasses.  My favorite, by far, was the ACE Pear Cider made by The California Cider Company.

    Heaven in a Bottle

    It was bubbly, and light, and oh so refreshing.  Although it is a Pear flavored cider, it had a hint of banana – which I loved!

    The Ladies I Love!

  • Slightly less interesting than the above three, however so important to Jake and I – Brock became a crate-dog.  Jake was really resistant to it, but as a condition of our lease, we needed to at least HAVE  crate for him in the house.  Baby Brock ended up crawling into his crate while no-one was even paying attention. Ahhh…I can just feel the anxiety rolling off my shoulders!

    I want to lick your face!

I have some really fun posts planned for the next few days, so keep your eyes open!

Great Night To Celebrate

26 Jul

When I think Monday I normally go straight to “ugh, back to the real world.”  This particular Monday, however, was one I have really been looking forward to!  Despite all the crazy things that have been happening lately, I have found excitement in some small things.

After work I skipped the gym and went straight home to knock a few things off of my to-do lists (yes that’s plural) and get ready for this evening.

When Jake made it home from work we quickly changed and drove a few minutes down the road to the home of our new landlord. We have sealed the deal, folks! The lease is signed! I can now breathe in, breathe out and retrieve my sanity.

Is this even normal?

As soon as we finished up with the lease, we rushed over to one of our favorite little sushi restaurants to celebrate.  Our celebrations were not limited to our new home though; we were joined by our favorite couple: Amber and Joe Ben!

JB embarassing Amber...again.

Amber and I have known each other for a few years now, and is one of my best friends.  She and Joe Ben also had some celebrations in order: Amber’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the one person who will answer the phone in the middle of the night when I have something stupid to say 🙂  We have spent our birthdays together for the last few years and I have to say that this has definitely been the most tame (except for some Sake).

Apple Infused Sake = Amazing

The restaurant where we dined, SakiTumi, is actually a place I worked while in college.  In my opinion they have some of the best sushi in town, and I surely wasn’t going to turn down an invitation to stuff my face enjoy some time with Amber and JB.

On Mondays, SakiTumi has an awesome special – 2 for $28.  Jake and I definitely took advantage of that!  The deal includes an adult beverage, an appetizer, and an entree per person.

Jake enjoyed a draft Sapporo, while I sipped on a light and refreshing glass of Pinot Grigio.  My appetizer choice was the Miso Soup, which I loved.

Fire Island Roll

And oh. my. goodness. My favorite sushi roll in the whole world was my entree of choice.  The Fire Island Roll.  Shrimp tempura with avocado, rolled in soy paper and topped with spicy tuna tartar and crispy tempura flakes. Delish!  Jake and I shared a few pieces of Butterfish  too (also amazing).

Post Sushi Attack

I guess Amber liked her sushi roll too!

And if you thought our indulgent meal wasn’t enough, Amber directed us to one of the best little dessert spots in the city.  Nonnah’s is only a few blocks away from SakiTumi and has the most delectable and coma-inducing desserts I have ever had.

Jake's slice of Heaven

Mr. Jake chose the “Chocolate Temptation”.  A rich chocolate cake with Godiva liquor, layered with vanilla cream filling, finished with chocolate ganach.

My Sinful Delight

I, however, chose the Turtle Cheesecake.  A pecan-filled cheesecake topped with chocolate, caramel and even more crunchy pecans.  The cheesecake was so wonderfully airy and though I’ve never tried nuts in a cheesecake before – I’m in love.

Phew, now I’m super Fat and Happy and I seriously cannot complain.  What a productive, fun, relieving kinda Monday!

Crazy Pants

25 Jul

Who does this!? Three to-do lists, really? Only me.


T minus 5 days!

I guess I wore my crazy pants today.  Time to get crack-a-lackin’ before the celebrations start tonight!

Movin’ on Up, Cleanin’ on Out

21 Jul

Drumroll please…..we got it! Yes! We finally decided on a house, and put down some moola today; and if you can’t tell, I’M SO EXCITED!

House hunting is over, which means it’s moving season y’all!  Our house is filled with boxes, newspaper, tape and smells like a Sharpe. By the way, packing up a house has got to be the most boring and tedious thing I have ever done.  It should be second nature by now, but I seriously cannot understand how some people do this for a living.

We’ve officially started the moving process, Hallelujah, and I have started to realize just how much junk stuff we have.  When Jake and I moved in together, we brought an entire household of possessions, each.  Now we’ve ended up with TOO MUCH!

Instead of moving all this crapola, we’ve decided to start cleaning house. Out with: the duplicates, the stuff we don’t actually need or want, items that are broken, or things we can easily replace (I have no clue why we held on to some of this stuff).  The more we bag up now, the less we have to pack and move later.

Bag 'o Junk

There really is something so therapeutic about letting stuff go.  It almost freeing! Even liberating! Kind of exciting!  While digging through the junk-ola, I’ve found little surprises left and right – who actually needs 17 serving spoons (yes, 17)? Or 200 t-shirts (eh em, Jake)?

Believe me now? seven - freaking - teen

Thankfully, Jakers has been pretty generous with his trash pile – he dreads hauling all this as much as I do. Out with the t-shirts that haven’t been worn in 3 years; out with old worn shoes; and finally out with that fugly old recliner (can I get an AMEN?!)

Yeck! These are falling apart!

A few down, plenty more to go!

Do you think Jake will notice if I get rid of these?! 🙂

Dirty, Stinky, and Nasty

Just a Tease

21 Jul

This day has absolutely flown by!  I suppose it helps that I have felt a little relief after receiving a very encouraging email yesterday afternoon.

Lets rewind a schmidgen: a few weeks ago we found a house that we loved.  It had everything we wanted and it was right in our price range.  Unfortunately, the landlord was looking for someone to move in ASAP, otherwise she was planning on moving herself in.  Since our lease was not up until September 1, we thought this house would be “the one that got away.”

However, we have changed our move date to August 1 (thanks to last weekends events), and the landlord was willing to show the house to us again! Ohmygoodnessgracious – you have no idea how happy this made me.  Well, we went to see the property again tonight and well, I’m not going to jynx it, but you will find out our final decision tomorrow! (sorry for the tease)

After checking out the house, I headed over to a very special Girls Night In.  Tonight will be our last girls dinner with our beloved friend Tyler.

Dr. Davis

She is taking a huge leap and leaving her southern roots for New Hampshire (Boo for us :()

We had a great time catching up, goofing off, gossiping, and of course stuffing our faces with homemade enchiladas and drinking some wine.  None of us are very happy about our precious Tyler leaving us, but this has got to be a very exciting time in her life.  I know that her and Biff are ready to start a new chapter, together.  We have one last event with Tyler this weekend, her going away party (I’m determined not to have ANY FUN. So there.)

Becca enjoying some wine!

Becca made dessert

The Ladies

We love you and miss you already TD!

Break-Ins and Birthdays

19 Jul

I have come to terms with the fact that I am overly dramatic, ridiculous, and out of control most of the time.  And get ready folks, ’cause it just got worse.

For once, Jakers and I decided to take the night off and hit the town!  We went to see our friend Darrell (aka Parelli Blu) perform at a local spot downtown. It was really great to be able to wind down, have fun, and spend some good time with our friends.

The last thing we were expecting after such a fun night was broken glass and torn wires.  You guessed it, we were robbed. We are no longer the proud owners of a flat-screen, and I have lost all my work/pictures/writing samples since they nabbed my laptop on the way out.  I guess I am the most naive person on Earth, because I honestly never thought it would happen to me 😦

Jerks ripped the TV out!

The buggars smashed in a window and let themselves out the back door.  Thankfully, the pups were locked up and were just fine when we checked on them. Now our main concern is getting outta-here!

In other, happier news, yesterday was my schweet little sister’s birthday!  She is almost legal (which means I’m almost an old geezer)! On Sunday, Jake and I spent most of the day packing up our house, and talking with the Landlord about breaking our lease early.  Fortunately, we were able to spend our evening with our favorite little Schmemily.

Birthday Pressies! (and hot dog buns)

Cute little Cup Cake

Happy Birthday Emily! Love you!

Coughity Cough, Sneezity Sneeze

13 Jul

Moving may very well be the number one source of my stress these days.  Earlier this month, Jake and I officially told our landlord where he could put his flippin mess house – actually we wrote him a very  nice 60 day notice.  This means that for the next two months, I will be in freakout-mode (get ready people!)

Freakout-mode is no fun, no fun at all.  By the end of all this, I will be lucky if Mr. Jake doesn’t have me committed.  He happens to be a last minute, fly by the seat of his pants kinda guy; I happen to be slightly neurotic and hyperorganized.  Lucky him!  Thankfully he has a very high tolerance for my crap-ola. 

For the past 3 weeks I have been obsessively scouring the web and driving around the city trying to find a place to live.  At one point we thought we had the perfect home, ready-to-go.  Boy were we wrong-o (for getting our hopes up).  The landlord of this beautiful, completely renovated home, decided she was moving in instead 😦 sad day.  Now we are back to square one and i’m already having visions of Jakers and I on the side of the road, homeless, with two houses worth of furniture and the dogs.  Pathetic!

To add to my ridiculousness right now, I have somehow gotten a cold – despite the fact that it was 112 degrees today.  How does that happen?! Only me, I swear.  Despite the sore throat, coughity cough and sneezity sneeze – I was a woman on a mission today.  The packing festivities have begun.  The sunroom? check!  Bookshelves? check! okay, so that’s as far as i’ve gotten – but please just pity me today alright?!

Packing up!

Tadaaa! Sidenote:  Is anyone else excited for Harry Potter?!  I grew up on the books – got one every year for my birthday, and I’m obsessed.  I’m thinking this movie will be very bittersweet for me 😦

In other randomness…has anyone ever tried Trident Layers?  I picked up this little gem while running errands on the way home and HELLO, where has this been all my life.  I love, love, love