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Chocolate Heaven

18 Aug

Birthday season is flying right on by!  Yesterday evening we spent some time with Jake’s family to celebrate his mom’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Miss Julie!

For dinner, Jake’s younger sister Becca marinated a mouth-watering Pork Tenderloin; it was grilled to perfection!

Jake’s dad threw some vegges on the grill that were delectable.  We also had one of my most favorite foods, cosume rice! It was so creamy that it resembled mac and cheese.  The food was great, but I still saved some room for my favorite part of every meal – dessert!

Becca picked out a peanut butter cup triple chocolate ice cream cake. Chocolate Heaven is no exaggeration.  I ate my piece, and even stole a bit (or two) of Jake’s.


We spent some time chatting away and looking at pictures taken so far this year. (sorry for the blurry photo below..I couldn’t keep a steady hand!)

Mr. Jake and his Mama

Eventually we headed home stuffed like turkeys and wanting nothing more than to hit the hay.  That is, until I saw this pathetic little face staring at me when I walked in the door!


Oh Please!


Break-Ins and Birthdays

19 Jul

I have come to terms with the fact that I am overly dramatic, ridiculous, and out of control most of the time.  And get ready folks, ’cause it just got worse.

For once, Jakers and I decided to take the night off and hit the town!  We went to see our friend Darrell (aka Parelli Blu) perform at a local spot downtown. It was really great to be able to wind down, have fun, and spend some good time with our friends.

The last thing we were expecting after such a fun night was broken glass and torn wires.  You guessed it, we were robbed. We are no longer the proud owners of a flat-screen, and I have lost all my work/pictures/writing samples since they nabbed my laptop on the way out.  I guess I am the most naive person on Earth, because I honestly never thought it would happen to me 😦

Jerks ripped the TV out!

The buggars smashed in a window and let themselves out the back door.  Thankfully, the pups were locked up and were just fine when we checked on them. Now our main concern is getting outta-here!

In other, happier news, yesterday was my schweet little sister’s birthday!  She is almost legal (which means I’m almost an old geezer)! On Sunday, Jake and I spent most of the day packing up our house, and talking with the Landlord about breaking our lease early.  Fortunately, we were able to spend our evening with our favorite little Schmemily.

Birthday Pressies! (and hot dog buns)

Cute little Cup Cake

Happy Birthday Emily! Love you!

And the Fun Rolls On..

11 Jul

I have obviously been completely MIA for two weeks..Whoops!  Remember a few weeks ago when I said that my life is going to be totally insane? I meant it!  Lets do a little rundown on all the things I have left you out of (sorry):

  • Happy Birthday to: My beautiful mama, my wonderful Nay (grandmother), and Jake’s dad, Mr. John

    Momma with her Girls

  • Making the big decision to give our landlord our notice and blow this popsicle stand!
  • Celebrating the two year anniversary of Brock’s arrival in our lives (we got him June 28, 2009)


  • Sophie and Vladdy’s wedding weekend extravaganza: aka the craziest two days of my life!
  • The unbearable heat that South Carolina has imposed on us.  I am seriously living in the Devil’s Armpit (105 at noon today!)

More tomorrow, I swear!