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Blog Police

8 Sep

If there were such thing as the Blog Police, I’m sure they would arrest me for Blog Neglect.  It’s true, i’ve been neglecting my own little space on the web; but not by choice.  Many of you know about the devastating events that occurred a few months ago, leaving me without a computer to blog from.  I was trying to work from Jake’s old hunk-o-junk, but eventually it gave up on me and crashed – kaput.

Anyway, I’m back baby – again!  Here’s a few things you missed out on:

  • I’ve become a 5AM gym-er! Jake and I have been so off track with our workouts since we moved, and it honestly has to do with how exhausting the whole moving process has been.  Finally, we got motivated – by money.  We are paying for a flipping gym membership every month!  What better way to waste our money than to never actually make it to the gym?  We both decided that the only way to get a good, consistent workout in was to rise before the sun. Plus, we have a big vacation coming up in a little less than two months – I need to be in fighting shape!

    I do not have cankles, I swear

  • I maimed myself.  Making Toast.  Only me.  This might be the worst burn i’ve endured – it doesn’t seem like much but it is in the most inconvenient place EVER! and by the way…ouch.


  • My South Carolina Gamecocks won their first game of the season!  Jake and I headed up to Charlotte last weekend with a few of our lovely friends (Hart & Alison) to watch the Gamecocks spank East Carolina.  It was a rough game and I may have a little less hair than I did before the game, but it was a “W” so i’ll take it!  This weekend is a HUGE game for South Carolina as we head down to Athens, GA to play the Georgia Bulldogs.

    Photo Courtesy of

Go Cocks!

I also found the inspiration for our spare bedroom:

Gorgeous and Relaxing!

I’m obsessed.  I was originally leaning toward a Nautical themed room, but this just seems so much more relaxing.  You know what this all means, right? Another weekend project!  I’ll be back early next week with some project progress – see ya!


This house is Project City!

17 Aug

Part of the reason I have not been posting lately is the fact that I have been completing project after project, after project.  Not work assignments (although work is as busy as ever), but fun household projects.  Jake and I are not in the position to start replacing expensive essential items, so we have resorted to “renewing” the old ones!

When we moved we did some inventory of our belongings and got rid of things that take up too much space, or things we simply do not need.  We held on to things that we couldn’t live with out, or things we knew we could up-cycle.

My first project was one that I have been meaning to do for awhile now.  Jake’s mom gave us some blue storage jars that she got a great deal on, and we ended up using them to store utensils in the kitchen (remember the seventeen spoons?).  Unfortunately, they became a bit of an eyesore seeing as they did not match with anything else in the kitchen.  Rather than spending more money on new stainless steel canisters, I decided to paint these as close to S. S. as possible.


I took my creative self to the hardware store and ended up finding a can of textured spray paint.

I got "Hammered"

The color is actually similar to our stainless steel appliances, and dries in a “hammered” texture.  They turned out great!  I got a little paint happy and also covered our Olive Oil container to match!

My next project was not an “up-do”, but rather a decorative project that saved us some moolah.  A lot of our artwork could be considered hand-me-downs (aka Jake’s man-art).  While most of it is “cool”, none of it really matches with the look we’re going for.  We really needed something fun to hang above the couch, and it seems that everything I like is $$$.  Then, like a ray of sunshine, I found this pattern online.  It seemed pretty easy, so I gave it a shot!


(Photo courtesy of

I purchased a large canvas at a nearby craft store and measured out my pattern with painters tape.  Then, I covered the whole thing in two coats of green paint and waited for it to dry.  I was a little disappointed when I pulled off the tape only to find that the paint had bled through :(.

Jaggedy Lines 😦

Once I removed all of it, the bleeding actually looked kind of cool — so I went with it.  I may just be in denial, but I kind of like that it’s imperfect.

My next projects will be focused toward the outside areas of our house.  I have two tables that are in need of some TLC!


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