Thank you for stopping by and checking out the thing that is this blog!  I am truly focused on making the most of my life as it is right now.  I have learned over the past year that I really need to start taking things one day at a time – very difficult for a neurotic, planning obsessed worry wart like me!  I love to talk about, and write about the rididculousness that goes on in my world.

Generally I try to go on a set schedule, but as life plays is game, it never actually goes along as planned.  There are about a million things in my life that keep me grounded (and drive me insane at the same time) – wait, is that possible?  Regardless, I am passionate about the ones I love and you will probably be able to tell that from all my ramblings.  Who is it that runs my world?  Lets find out:

The Boss Lady


Me, Moi, the best thing ever! (okay i’m going overboard – I know).  I am a twenty-something who loves college sports, spending a ridiculous amount of time cooking, planning parties, window shopping online, and getting crafty.  I’m a self-labeled dork at heart, don’t judge me girlfriend!

The Braun

Jake, Jakers, Mr. Jake? He answers to all three, and happens to be the love of my life! Not only is he the muscle in the relationship, but he is my best friend. He is good for things like heavy lifting, trash taking, and dog bathing, and NO – he is not available to borrow or rent :).  In all seriousness, he is a fun loving, light-hearted, crazy person who gets me through it all

Los Locos

These two are the apples of my eyes! Sure, they are ridiculous, and human-like, and consider slobbering all over me a hobby – but they are my little schnookums. 

Brock was a rescue pup that Jakers adopted while I was at the beach with my mom one summer.  I literally drove home a day and a half early just so I could see this little guy!  He was originally picked up by one of our co-workers who relayed to us that he was part of a litter of dogs that was going to be sold to “fight”.  He was the runt of the litter and was going to be rid of if he could not produce a profit.  Luckily, we could not resist his schweet little face!  Brock is a Pit-Boxer mix, and possibly the most lovable dog i’ve ever had.

Sully, or Sullivan (when she is in trouble), is also a rescue pup that we adopted from our local animal shelter as our mutual Christmas gift last year.  She was the only dog in the shelter who wasn’t going hog wild in the cage.  I seriously could not resist!  She has definitely been a challege for me, but I can tell you that she has taught me patience.  She is Brock’s partner in crime, and they are inseperable these days.  Sully is a pure M-U-T-T.  Even the vet couldn’t put a finger on what she is.  She’s a cutie all the same 🙂



Please, please feel free to contact me at anytime through the blog email: funstartshereblog@gmail.com.  I welcome any questions, comments, and advice that you may have for me!


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