Movin’ on Up, Cleanin’ on Out

21 Jul

Drumroll please…..we got it! Yes! We finally decided on a house, and put down some moola today; and if you can’t tell, I’M SO EXCITED!

House hunting is over, which means it’s moving season y’all!  Our house is filled with boxes, newspaper, tape and smells like a Sharpe. By the way, packing up a house has got to be the most boring and tedious thing I have ever done.  It should be second nature by now, but I seriously cannot understand how some people do this for a living.

We’ve officially started the moving process, Hallelujah, and I have started to realize just how much junk stuff we have.  When Jake and I moved in together, we brought an entire household of possessions, each.  Now we’ve ended up with TOO MUCH!

Instead of moving all this crapola, we’ve decided to start cleaning house. Out with: the duplicates, the stuff we don’t actually need or want, items that are broken, or things we can easily replace (I have no clue why we held on to some of this stuff).  The more we bag up now, the less we have to pack and move later.

Bag 'o Junk

There really is something so therapeutic about letting stuff go.  It almost freeing! Even liberating! Kind of exciting!  While digging through the junk-ola, I’ve found little surprises left and right – who actually needs 17 serving spoons (yes, 17)? Or 200 t-shirts (eh em, Jake)?

Believe me now? seven - freaking - teen

Thankfully, Jakers has been pretty generous with his trash pile – he dreads hauling all this as much as I do. Out with the t-shirts that haven’t been worn in 3 years; out with old worn shoes; and finally out with that fugly old recliner (can I get an AMEN?!)

Yeck! These are falling apart!

A few down, plenty more to go!

Do you think Jake will notice if I get rid of these?! 🙂

Dirty, Stinky, and Nasty


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